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About Us

Despite advancements in Architecture, building technology and building materials, air diffusers, grilles and registers continue to be fabricated from either galvanized steel or aluminum at great expense to the environment and the end-user.


At Polymer Ventilation Technology, we are envisioning the next generation of base materials and manufacturing methodologies through the application of advanced design, prototyping and dynamic modeling to redefine a niche component common to all HVAC-R applications.  Our process will produce cost effective alternative air diffuser designs with a minimal cradle-to-grave environmental footprint.


Composites have been replacing metal in a wide range of industries including automobiles, aerospace, personnel and mobile security, etc.  Our design team has moved past plastics having developed a robust, proprietary composite as the base material for PVT diffusers, grilles and registers.


Our research has shown that our proprietary polymer composite materials require only 10% of the energy used in conventional grille fabrication while generating 88% fewer greenhouse gases.  Our products carry a limited lifetime warranty and if disposal is ever required are 95% recyclable.


Our Patent Pending “press-fit configurable design” is an innovation that envisions multiple integrated components that can be permanently “snap assembled” to produce a singular diffuser type.  Alternately, multiple components can be “snap assembled” to create various versions of the same singular diffuser.


Beyond environmental sustainability, the PVT Jet Nozzle and other diffuser designs feature these deliverables:

  • The potential for condensation in high humidity applications is eliminated

  • PVT products will not rust or be subject to corrosion

  • Two or three times lighter than metal counterparts and easier to install

  • Low potential for defects and damage due to dents, dings and deformities

  • Flame resistant and will meet UL 941HB flammability standard

  • Air flow equal to or better than metal counterparts

  • Antistatic characteristics minimize accumulation of air borne dust and debris

  • Surfaces are easy to clean and restore to near new condition.

  • All PVT products are mildew resistant

  • No cost, embedded, non-topical color selection

  • No required repainting or replacement because of scratching

  • Drop damage resistant construction

  • Colors will not fade or yellow

  • All PVT products are underwritten with a limited lifetime warranty

  • Projected savings estimated at 30%+ lower than metal counterparts

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